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Recreational Classes & Competitive Teams

Tiny Tots   Age: 18mon - 2 ½ Yrs Old, 30 min class, $44/mon

This is a “guardian and child” class in which guardian and child will both participate. The focus of the class will be developing cognitive, motor, and social skills, along with strengthening the bond between guardian and child.

Tots   Age: 2 ½ - 3 ½ Yrs Old, 30 min class, $44/mon

This class focuses on developing body awareness, gross motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and social interaction through fun and interactive gymnastic activities. Children learn healthy separation from parents, independence, increase their social skills and learn to follow directions, by interacting with other children within the structure of the class.

Pre-school     Age: 4-5 Yrs Old, 45 min, $52/mon

In this class, children maneuver through obstacle courses and learn basic gymnastics skills on floor, balance beam, bars, and trampoline. Children continue to learn independence, increase their social skills and learn to follow directions, by interacting with other children within the structure of the class. Body/spatial awareness, strength, coordination and courage are all developed as they learn to try new things!

Beginner Gymnastics     Age: 6-8 Yrs old, 9-12 Yrs old,
45 min, $52/mon

This class is for those who have never taken gymnastics classes. Instructors use demonstration, spotting, and verbal explanation to teach new skills on each event. They may also use drills and repetition to emphasize important aspects of new skills. Class is often set up in “circuit training” or “obstacles” to keep your child engaged throughout events. This class will also get to utilize the trampoline for learning body control.

Intermediate Gymnastics   Age: 6-8 Yrs old, 9-12 Yrs old, 60 min, $59/mon

This class is for those who have had some previous training or have advanced past Beginner Gymnastics. Instructors emphasize performing skills with good form and consistency. New skills include back-walkovers and back-handsprings, front handsprings, cartwheels, cross and side handstands on the beam & mill circles, front hip circles and glide swings/kip concepts on bars. Strength and flexibility have a greater focus and importance at this level as most of these skills begin to emerge quickly when the gymnasts has increased her strength.

Advanced Gymnastics     Age: 7-13 Yrs old, 75 min, $67/mon

Prerequisite: standing back-handspring, back walk-over. Advanced Gymnastics is the highest level in the Recreational Program. This class will focus on run-tumbling and connecting multiple skills together on floor as well as learning rotations/flips. Skills are progressed on the other apparatus as well based on ability.

Beginner Dance Tumbling     Age: 6 Yrs Old +, 45 min, $52/mon

This class is specifically designed for the dancer who has little to no experience with tumbling but is wanting to learn basic acro skills. The focus of this class is to develop body control and special awareness while also learning basic tumbling skills such as handstands, cartwheels, back walk-overs, etc

Intermediate Dance Tumbling     Age: 6 Yrs Old +, 45 min, $52/mon

This class is for the dancer who already has basic tumbling down but is wanting to polish and progress their acro skills. The focus is to continue developing strength and body control while advancing acro skills. Skills taught will include but are not limited to advanced walk-overs, valdez, round offs, back-hand springs, aerials, and much more!

Advanced Dance Tumbling     Age: 7 Yrs Old +, 45 min, $52/mon

Pre-requisite: side aerial, standing back-handspring. This class is designed for the advanced dance tumbler. This class focuses on progressing tumbling into combinations as well as advanced into learning rotations/flips and other aerial skills. A standing back-handspring unassisted as well as a side aerial on a flat surface is required.


Contact us for more information regarding our competitive team!

Open Gyms, $5/student/open gym

Tot/Pre-school Open Gyms Age: 2-5 Yrs Old, 90 min. Parents/Caregivers come join us for our Preschool Open Gym. This is the perfect place to play while improving coordination, motor development and special awareness.

Open Gyms Age: 6 Yrs Old+, 90 min. Open gyms are designed to allow the student to work on various skills without having a structured class schedule. A trained staff will always be available to help with skills as well as monitor for safety. This is set up for the older age group; no child under the age of 6 Yrs Old will be allowed during this time due to safety.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available upon request.  These are one-on-one lessons based on skill level as well as the goals of student.  Please contact our office to set these up!