Our goal at Aspire Gymnastics Club is to bring the sport of gymnastics, and its benefits to as many children as possible and in doing so help each individual child aspire to reach their goals and full potential in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

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2023-2024 schedule runs August 7th-May 25th. 

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Competition Gymnastics!

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Parkour Tumbling

Our Parkour Tumbling classes are fun and full of exercise. Classes focus on physical strength, body awareness, spatial awareness, and constant movement. These are developed through swinging, balancing, and jumping on a variety of platforms, equipment, and apparatuses. Through this type of movement students learn to break down complex movements and concepts into more simple steps for progressions. 

Our classes also include learning a variety of tumbling, tricks and skills like handstands, cartwheels, back handsprings, flipping and more! There are numerous physical, mental and social benefits of our Parkour Tumbling program. Our goal at Aspire Gymnastics Club is to encourage our students to develop confidence, and become aware of their capabilities, while striving for their potential. 

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Benefits of Gymnastics

Physical Benefits:
• An increase in muscular strength, flexibility and endurance.
• The ability to relax and stretch safely.
• Correct alignment while walking, standing, jumping etc.
• The knowledge of how to land, fall and roll safely.
• Increased agility and coordination

Cognitive Benefits:

• Awareness of body.
• Awareness of space and where the body is in it (under, over, etc.)
• Awareness of time and how the body reacts (quick, slow, etc.)
• Aware of relationships: body parts to each other and the apparatus.
• Awareness of relationships with other students, coaches etc.

Psychological Benefits:
• The joy of movement mastery.
• Discipline and self-control.
• The exercise habit as a pleasurable daily occurrence- movement is pleasurable and desired.
• A confident self-image and a positive attitude towards their bodies- move from a world of “I can’t” to “I can”.
• Trust in one’s own abilities.