Owner Michele Rakestraw has been a part of this amazing sport called gymnastics for 32 years. She was a competitive gymnast herself and has been coaching for 23 years. Aspire Gymnastics Club was created out of her love for the sport of gymnastics as well as for the joy of teaching children.

Aspire Gymnastics Club believes that every child should be afforded the opportunity to participate in gymnastics and receive its benefits!

Not every child will be a competitive gymnast; however, every child can benefit from participating in gymnastics training.  Gymnastics is the foundation of all sports because of its physical, cognitive, emotional, and social benefits.  The skills, discipline, body awareness and self-esteem learned in gymnastics will enhance any activity a child may choose to participate in later in life.  We want to help each individual child aspire to reach their goals and full potential in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

Meet the Staff

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Michele Rakestraw
Michele has been in the sport of gymnastics for nearly 32 years; first as a competitive gymnast and then as a team/rec coach for last 23 years and enjoys using her experience and education in Exercise Science and the Physical Therapy field to help others achieve their goals.  She is blessed to be able to share her love of gymnastics with children and help them improve their confidence and self-esteem while being active in the sport of gymnastics.

Heath Holloway
Coach Heath has been coaching for over 20 yrs, first in the cheer world and then transitioning into gymnastics. He as taught multiple levels from parent tot, to all ages of tumbling (including adult), to recreational and competitive gymnastics, as well as cheerleading. He has helped thousands of students learn and achieve their goals; whether they are aspiring gymnasts, cheerleaders, or dancers; or simply wanting to do some "tricking" in the park. Tumbling has always been his forte but as a former collegiate cheerleader he does know his way around stunting, jumping and cheer techniques.  

Shaye Smerchek

Kaylee Snell

Brooke Moore


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